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2020 has been quite a year of change for everyone! Our Annual Dinner fundraiser

has been suspended for the foreseeable future, yet…

Like most organizations, we’ve gone online with our Friendship Scholarship awards

and Building Trade seminars to continue supporting students with their career objectives—

coordinating with high school career counselors, and

more recently with TIP (Trades Introduction Program) which

is sponsored by the North Bay Labor Council. We expect to

continue this form of outreach into 2021 and welcome your financial support.

To all who have given in the past, THANK YOU!

Please visit our NEWS PAGE for updates on organization’s events, scholarship awards, and building trade seminar updates. If you wish to schedule an online Building Trade seminar or have any other questions , please contact:

                  John Christopher, Founder & CEO  415.892.0380

                  Donald Trowbridge, Director of Outreach  415.328.4382


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