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Dear Friends,

Foundation Twentyone is in its 8th year of granting scholarships to help local Little League youth participate in team sports, as well as granting scholarships to high school students who demonstrate exemplary efforts to incorporate the values of friendship in school and community activities.  Additionally, we support career planning for youth who seek to position themselves successfully in the workplace.

Therefore in 2015, Foundation Twentyone began actively promoting our TRADES TRAILER project on behalf of all high school students, whether or not they consider college as an option in the pursuit of their ongoing education.

We want to encourage the idea that a vocational path or “blue tech” as we prefer to call it—such as apprenticing to the Building Trades— is a respectable part of our society and can be personally and financially rewarding.  At the same time, it can require considerable ongoing education–geared not only to acquiring technical proficiency but also to the learning and implementation of important life skills such as:


These are the same principles of friendship that we espouse and encourage in our foundation activities, and which form the basis of our scholarships.

At this time, as our TRADES TRAILER project is moving beyond the conceptual stage and seeking support from the educational and professional sectors, we invite you to join us in pledging your support by adding your name as a FRIEND OF THE FOUNDATION to this growing list of organizations who believe in this project.

By so doing, you will be helping our youth awaken to their career potential, and giving them real options for success in their personal and professional lives.

Thank you!

John M. Christopher, Founder and Board President

Donald S. Trowbridge, Secretary to the Board


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