Foundation Twentyone
The Jonathan C. Christopher Memorial Foundation

FRIENDSHIP = Trust     Responsibility     Commitment     Understanding     Respect     Integrity

John and Karen Christopher
Founders of the Jonathan C. Christopher Memorial Foundation

The Foundation Twentyone mission is to reach out to our youth and help them to make responsible choices in their life and career, while staying on track towards achieving a positive future.

To that end, we desire to foster in them a better awareness and respect for the many available career options, and at the same time offer them assistance in meeting the challenges of dependency.

We have fun events and a very exciting new fundraising project planned this year. Help us make a real difference in our community by joining in the effort as Friends of Foundation Twentyone.

Click Here for more information on our son Jonathan C. Christopher

Foundation Twentyone stands for
Two Friends equaling One Friendship, embodying six main values:

confidence, reliability, moral responsibility

accountable, trustworthy, reputable

value, admiration, esteem

honesty, wholeness, soundness

show loyalty and resolve, pledge

compassion, accepting, considerate


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